Moving On: Preparing Students with Autism, Asperger’s, and Learning Differences for College

A day long workshop for high school students, parents, teachers and others

April 22, 2012: 10am-4pm

This full day seminar was designed to assist college-bound students on the autism spectrum (and their parents) manage expectations and pressures, and understand their domestic and academic responsibilities. Topics included identifying the right program/institution, social and communication supports, and managing anxiety, among others.

Slides will be available for download shortly.

Welcome: Differences Between High School & College
Speaker: Fred Volkmar, MD

Preparing for College Life for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Speaker: Jane Thierfeld Brown, EdD

Prospects for College Admission
Speaker: Jeffrey Brenzel, PhD

Finding the Program That’s Right for You
Speaker: Fred Volkmar, MD

Transitional Programs
Speaker: Ernst VanBergeijk, PhD, MSW

Transitional Programs: Chapel Haven
Speaker: Michael Storz, MBA

Social and Communication Supports
Speaker: Leah Booth, MA

Students Program:

Coping with Stress
Speaker: Eli Lebowitz, PhD

Parent Perspective on College: Advice for Students
Speaker: Lori Shery, BS

Academic Supports, Organizational Strategies, and Time Management
Speaker: Brian Reichow, PhD

Social Skills and Life on Campus
Speakers: Gwendolyn Lopez-Cohen, MD, Virginia Hodge, MA

Parents Program:

Supporting Academics: Organization and Other Aides
Speaker: Julie Wolf, PhD

Achieving Independence: Life Skills 
Speaker: Kathy Koenig, MSN

Mental Health and Other Supports, Legal Issues and Mandates
Speakers: Gwendolyn Lopez-Cohen, MD, Fred Volkmar, MD and Alexander Westphal, MD

Parent Perspective on College: Advice for Parents
Speaker: Lori Shery, BS