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2012 Workplace Satisfaction Survey

Yale’s Workplace Survey provides the University with important information about employee satisfaction, work unit and supervisory effectiveness, workplace communications, and organizational culture.  In turn, this information will be used to develop action plans both in departments and across the University to make Yale an even better place to work.

Since Yale began taking workplace surveys in 2005, the University has used the information gathered about employee satisfaction, organizational culture, communication and supervisory effectiveness to guide the on-going effort to implement action plans for both individual departments and across the University. Based in part on survey results, the 2012 survey redesigned the performance management system, enhanced skill training for managers, improved communications across the University, and strengthened union relationships.

I am pleased to announce that the results from Yale’s 2012 University-wide Workplace Survey is available for you to view.  All staff members were urged to participate.


Yale or the University refers to the entire University as a whole, not your individual work unit (but does not include Yale-New Haven Hospital).

Myunit or work unit refers to your immediate work group (Child Study Center).

Senior leadership refers to the University president and the Officers of Yale University.

My manager refers to your immediate supervisor within your work unit.

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