Getting Started at the Yale Child Study Center

Common Acronyms and Yale Terminology

Accounts Payable – Yale Department devoted to paying invoices and check requests.

Blue Pages – Controller’s Fact Sheet contains important Yale financial facts.

CAS – Central Authentication System.   System used to access Yale protected services.

CR – Check Request.  This form is used to request payment to vendors or non-employees. 

CD-CP - Child Development-Community Policing Program is a model collaboration of mental health, law enforcement, juvenile justice, education, judicial and social service professionals who work to heal the wounds that traumatic exposure to violence inflicts on children and families. 

CPIS – Children's Psychiatric Inpatient Service.

CSC – Child Study Center

C&T – Clerical and Technical.  An employee classification.  Overtime eligible.

DC – Direct Costs.

EMS – Expense Management System.  System used to create and submit expense reports for travel expenses (processed with or without a Yale University Purchase Card), material or supplies charges purchased with a Yale University Purchasing Card, other out-of-pocket expenses.

eShipGlobal - Yale's express shipping system, eShipGlobal should be used for outbound and inbound shipping.  eShipGlobal allows you to create package labels, and provides tracking information for FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS.  eShipGlobal can handle the shipment of research materials.

F&A – Facilities & Administrative.  Indirect cost assessments, also referred to as IDC or overhead. 

FinOps – Financial Operations provides leadership for Yale School of Medicine in the areas of financial management and related business services 

FOCUS - Feedback and Ongoing Coaching for University Success.  Yale’s annual performance review process for staff.

FTE – Full Time Equivalent

GCA – Grant & Contract Administration.  Refers to the Medical School G&C office, pre-award.  Located at 47 College Street.

GCFA – Grant & Contract Financial Administration.  Located at 47 College Street and is usually the contact for post-award inquiries. 

HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.  Standards for protecting patient health information.

HRPP – Human Research Protection Program.  Also known as HIC (Human Investigations Committee).  The Yale department devoted to facilitating sound, ethical research incorporating protection of human subjects.

HR – Human Resources

IACUC – Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee is responsible for reviewing all protocols involving live vertebrate animals, ensuring compliance with federal regulations, inspecting animal facilities and laboratories and overseeing training and educational programs. The overall role of the IACUC is to ensure the humane and sensitive care and use of animals.

IDC – Indirect Costs, also referred to as F&A or overhead

IICAPS - Intensive In-Home Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services.

ITS – Information Technology Services.  Department that provides access and support for Yale’s computing networks.

M&P – Managerial & Professional.  An employee classification (exempt from overtime)

NIH – National Institute of Health.  Sponsor of federal grant awards.

OGC – Office of General Counsel – OGC provides legal counsel, representation, and oversight of work on the wide range of legal matters affecting Yale University and its component organizations.

OPC – Outpatient Clinic.  Also known as Child Guidance Clinic.

PAS – Psychological Assessment Service.

PCARD – Yale Purchasing Card.  Transactions charged on these cards will appear in EMS for processing.  Preparers will attach appropriate documentation and enter PTAEO information.

PDA – Postdoctoral Associate.   Faculty category; exempt from overtime; fringe is assessed.  

PDF – Postdoctoral Fellow.  Non employees or Yale associates.  They receive a stipend and not a salary.  There is no fringe assessment and they cannot be charged to a federal grant.

PO – Purchase Order.

PR – Purchase Requisitions.  A form used to place an order through the Yale Purchasing department in the event that the transaction cannot be completed using SCIQUEST, PCard, or other purchasing mechanism.  Once a PR is processed by Purchasing, a PO# will be issued for the transaction. 

PTAEO – Also known as charging instruction.  Project, Task, Award, Expenditure Type, Organization.  Each element is delineated by a period. 

RIS – Reproductive Imaging Services.  Also known as YPPS (Yale Printing and Publishing Services).  Internal service provider for publication design and production, mail services, web design, photocopier rental service.

SCIQUEST – Online ordering tool. 

STARS – Strategic Talent Management and Recruitment System.  Recruiting and job posting system.

START – System & Technology Access Request Tool.  Application used for requesting new telephone services, access to SciQuest, and a variety of access requests. 

TAN – Telephone Access Number.  A code used to make long distance calls from University telephones which is charged to an account identified when the TAN is set up.  TAN requests are entered through START.

TMS – Training Management System.  TMS helps educate the Yale community about required training and forms, facilitates online training registration, and ensures training completion.

TSOCD - Tic Disorder/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Specialty Clinic.

VIP – A 10 character “alias” that is linked to a specific University PTAEO.

YAMS – Yale Administrative Menu System.  An application necessary to access a variety of Yale online systems. 

YARC – Yale Animal Resources Center.  A School of Medicine department and AAALAC accredited resource that provides a full range of clinical veterinary services on a 24-hour basis as well as housing and husbandry services for animal research conducted by investigators.

YASC – Yale Academic Skills Clinic.

YHP – Yale Health Plan.

YSM – Yale School of Medicine.