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The Beginning - A Conceptual Framework

In 2009, AÇEV published a concept note, Building a Generation of Reconciliation: The Role of Early Childhood Development in Peace Building, which outlined the organization’s rationale: the association between peace and early childhood interventions and programs. This conceptual paper was the first attempt by the foundation to articulate its vision for peace, extrapolating from the evidence on ECD and its own programs. In particular, the evidence drew upon AÇEV’s parenting initiatives, namely the Father Support Program and the Mother Support Program, which bring together groups of fathers and mothers, respectively, to promote harmony and democratic values and to reduce violence and abuse.

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On Peace Street

Foundations Panelist
Mr. Mohammed H. Mohammed, Fetzer Institute

"We are all neighbors along 'the longest street in the world' where children should live in peace." 

Mohammed H. Mohammed, Program Officer, Fetzer Institute, ECPC Launch Event 20 Sept 2013