Formative Childhood and Peace Building

Scientific evidence supporting families and children as agents of change for peace

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Formative childhood: A pathway to grow peace?

Young children and their families are progressively being exposed to greater violence in homes, schools and communities, and among nations. In our search for solutions we turn to science. Evidence from the field of early childhood development (ECD) clearly demonstrates that lasting and intergenerational change can occur through interventions early in life. To break the cycle of violence and promote peaceful societies, the developmental needs of young children must be the primary focus.

Yale University, UNICEF, AÇEV Foundation, and the Fetzer Institute and other global partners have embarked on a joint project to achieve the common objective of analyzing the linkages between early childhood development (ECD) and peace building through scientific research, to disseminate results and advocate for better policies on global platforms - as a pathway to sustainable peace.

Partners for Peace

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"We need to take action to make our world a better place for our children and for future generations.  The academic community will be one of the partners in this important undertaking to refine and implement in a sustainable fashion ECD programs of proven value."

-James F. Leckman, MD, Program Director Yale Child Study Center, ECPC Launch Event 20 Sept 2013

H.E. Al-Nasser Thumb

High Representative - UN Alliance of Civilizations

"The whole world will not change automatically. Nor will it stand still and wait for us. Regardless, I, personally, pledge to strengthen the ability of the Alliance to work closer with Yale University’s Child Study Center to advance our mutual goals. In closing, let me say this, our world is a great, yet complex thing. To leave it to a generation which is unprepared, and unequipped with the proper principles and ethics, would be hazardous. Hence, instilling values of harmony and tolerance in our children through instruments of early education is vital for a peaceful future. The time for change is NOW. Let us benefit from today, for a better tomorrow."

—H.E. Mr. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, United Nations High Representative - Alliance of Civilizations; Keynote Address - Early Childhood Peace Consortium Launch, 20 Sept 2013 NY

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