Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV)

WISE AWARDS 2010 - Ayla Goksel, CEO for Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV) AWARDS 2010 - Ayla Goksel, CEO for Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV) FFFFFF480378

Pub. on May 9, 2011. Ayla Goksel, M.Sc, CEO of AÇEV & Wise Awards 2010 Laureate, talks about AÇEV and the Mother Child Education Program (MOCEP) that trains mothers in their role as "first educators" to reach pre-school children from under-resourced communities.

Partnership with the Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV)

Yale University and program sponsor and partner, the AÇEV Foundation, have embarked on a joint project to achieve the common objective of analyzing the linkages between early childhood development (ECD) and peace building through scientific research, to disseminate results and advocate for better policies on global platforms.

Advancing our knowledge concerning what intervention programs work is another major goal of our partnership. Evidence from intervention studies is limited. It is particularly true in the developing world as most of the prospective longitudinal studies have been conducted in high income countries. At present, we are in the midst of developing MOCEP intervention and evaluation initiatives across the globe that we will soon describe here. We have received funding for some of these initiatives and applications are pending for others.

Building a good future begins with early childhood. Children develop most rapidly in their earliest years and supportive environment is crucial in this period. AÇEV aims to support children in these most formative years to give them a right start to life. Since their inception in 1993, the fundamental goal of AÇEV's education programs have been support disadvantaged children and their families strengthening the "early childhood" period to build a more advanced society and create equal opportunities in education.

AÇEV Leadership

Ayla Göksel, M.Sc., CEO Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV)

Yasemin Sirali MBA, Manager, Mother Child Education Foundation


  • Çiğdem Kağıtçıbaşı PhD, Professor, Department of Psychology, Koc University, Istanbul
  • Diane Sunar, PhD, Professor, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Bilgi University, Istanbul
  • M. Yanki Yazgan, MD, Assistant Professor (Adjunct) in the Child Study Center; Professor, Marmara U Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul

Mother Child Education Program (MOCEP)

The MOCEP program, as demonstrated in the video documentaries by the Arab Resource Collective (right column), is built and revised by 20 years of research experience, supports the mother with the goal of promoting the child’s overall development and mother’s empowerment and has a “Contextual”, “Functional”, “Whole Child” interactive approach that is culturally relevant. 

  • View the Mother and Child Education Program (MOCEP) / Web Documentaries by ARC (right column).