Years 5 & 6

Dedicated Research Time

> 80%

The PGY5 and PGY6 years allow residents to focus on their research interests while maintaining clinical training experiences in outpatient psychiatry. Both of these years focus on developing and completing the research program the resident has initiated throughout residency. Training in long- and short-term outpatient psychiatry will also continue in both child and adult psychiatry. 

This training program is flexible by design, particularly in these last two years, and residents are largely able to pursue the balance of clinical and research training that suits their academic needs. For example, residents may choose to do additional clinical rotations (e.g. chief residents on clinical units). The resident will receive assistance in preparing for and applying for post-graduate research awards (i.e. NIH K awards, NIH research grants), as the training goal is to have residents prepared to smoothly transition into post-graduate academic careers.