Fathers For Change is a program for fathers struggling with aggression and alcohol or drug use that focuses on their role as parents. It comprises 16 topics to be delivered in 60 minute sessions of individual treatment.

Program Goals:

Reduction in aggression
Reduction in substance abuse
Increased positive communication between parents around shared parenting
Improved parenting skills
Improved parent child relationships    

Who is the Program for?

Father has had a domestic altercation with his partner
There is concern about alcohol or substance abuse
Father has at least 1 biological child aged 0-10 years with their partner.
There is NOT a current full no contact protective order in place.
Couple is planning to stay together OR father will continue to have contact with shared children through visitation/parenting. 
The program is currently funded by the National Institute of Drug Abuse to evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention. We are recruiting participants into the program and the research evaluation (HIC#1003006541). The program will be offered free of charge.    

Description of Family Participation in Evaluation Study:

Assessment: Fathers and mothers will each be asked to participate in a full assessment (history of aggression/ conflict, substance abuse, trauma, current symptoms, parenting skills/stress, concerns about child, etc.) for research and treatment planning.
1 hour per week for 16 weeks for fathers
Fathers will be randomly assigned to a substance abuse focused treatment or an integrated treatment that focuses on aggression, substance abuse and parenting.  

Post Program Assessment/Follow-up:

Fathers and mothers will be asked to provide feedback about the program at the end of treatment and 3 months later (individually and confidentially).
Participants will be paid for their time completing research assessment questionnaires. 

To Make a Referral:

Complete a referral form (click here ) and fax to Rodney Webb at (203)785-4608 or call (203)785-3448 to make a phone referral.
To download Fathers for Change brochure (click here )   

Fathers for Change

Yale University Child Study Center
230 S. Frontage Road, New Haven, CT
Phone: 203-785-3448
Fax: 203-785-4608
Director of the Program: Carla S. Stover, Ph.D.