Patrick Francis Daly Memorial Awards for Excellence in Educational Leadership

The Patrick Francis Daly Memorial Awards for Excellence in Educational Leadership have been given to Comer school principals who have demonstrated both outstanding leadership and commitment to children.

In his many years of service to the students of P.S. 15 in Brooklyn, New York, Patrick Francis Daly (1944-1992) displayed the highest ideals of the school principalship. His commitment to the values inherent in the Comer Process earned him the admiration of his colleagues and the affection of the community of Red Hook who entrusted their children to his care.

On December 17, 1992, Patrick Francis Daly lost his life while going to the aid of a child. His legacy to his family, friends, fellow educators, and students includes the powerful idea that first and foremost, a school exists to support the development of every child within it.

Selected Keynote Speeches at the Patrick Francis Daly Memorial Awards

Dr. James P. Comer (1996): Waiting for a Miracle

Dr. Adelaide Sanford (1997): Education: The Moral Imperative

Hugh B. Price (1998): The Impact of Dr. Comer's Work Has Been Extraordinary

Shelia Evans-Tranumn (1999): You Have Been Called for Such a Time as This

Marla Ucelli-Kashyap (2000): Sustaining Positive School Change Requires Effective Systems

Reflections of  Patrick Daly Award Recipients on Dr. James P. Comer's Personal and Professional Impact 

Dr. Donna C. Peters , the former superintendent of the Montgomery County Schools in North Carolina

Joan Dameron Crisler, a managing director of CLASS Leadership Development in Chicago

Gary B. Bartee , principal of North Chevy Chase Elementary School in Montgomery County, Maryland

Malcolm Adler , iformer principal of J. Harvey Rodgers School in Glassboro, New Jersey

William Ryan , principal of River Hill High School in Howard County, Maryland.

Recipients of the Patrick Francis Daly Memorial Award for Excellence in Educational Leadership


Lucia Paolella
Nathan Hale School
New Haven, Connecticut


Elsi Capolongo
P.S. 191, The Paul Robeson School
Brooklyn, New York

Marie C. Chauvet-Monchik
P.S. 138, The Core Knowledge/Efficacy School
Brooklyn, New York

Mary Ellen Haynes
Westbury Middle School
Westbury, New York

Carol P. Ray
Claxton Elementary School
Asheville, North Carolina 
To view Carol speaking about she and her colleagues used the Comer Process to close the achievement gap, click here.

Daryl Rock
Benjamin Banneker Academy for Community Development
Brooklyn, New York

Connie D. Thomas
William H. Brown Elementary School
Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Robert C. Thomas
Jamieson Elementary School
Detroit, Michigan

Dr. Freddie G. Young (Retired)
Ethel E. Beckford/Richmond Elementary ZOOMS Magnet School
Miami, Florida


Malcolm N. Adler
George Washington School
Camden, New Jersey

Michael Timothy Bracy
Bearfield Primary School
Ahoskie, North Carolina

Alford G. Bridges
Walter Q. Gresham Elementary School
Chicago, Illinois

Alexander Brown
Mott Elementary School
Trenton, New Jersey

Gloria P. Dingwall
Park Avenue School
Westbury, New York

Dr. Constance Gibb
Buck Lodge Middle School
Adelphi, Maryland

Dr. Carole A. Gupton
Jordan Park School of Extended Learning
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dr. Paul Lawrence Stephenson (deceased)
Francis X. McGraw School
Camden, New Jersey


Dr. Lane S. Anderson, III
Sedalia Elementary School
Sedalia, North Carolina

Richie Barber McDaneld
McCarter School
Topeka, Kansas

Dr. Ruth L. Baskerville
Norman S. Weir Elementary School
Paterson, New Jersey

Patricia DeRenzo
Clinton Avenue School
New Haven, Connecticut

Carmen S. Gonzalez
P.S. 46 - Edward C. Blum Elementary School
Brooklyn, New York

Maurice Harvey, Ed.D. (deceased)
Jordan Community School
Chicago, Illinois

Joyce C. Herron-Taylor, J.D.
Anthony Wayne Elementary School
Detroit, Michigan

Pamela Sanders-White
Orchard Villa Elementary School
Miami, Florida

Robyn Frances Zgorski-Clifton
Fort Foote Elementary School
Fort Washington, Maryland


Susan J. Allen
Fairview Elementary School
High Point, North Carolina

Gary B. Bartee
Ardmore Elementary School
Landover, Maryland

Antoinette Lindsey Boissiere
Sherwood Forest Elementary School
New Orleans, Louisiana

Julio T. Carrera
South Hialeah Elementary School
Hialeah, Florida

Catherine Davis Hammond
Allenbrook Elementary School
Charlotte, North Carolina

Olga H. La Luz
Chase Elementary School
Chicago, Illinois

David C. McCalla
Golden Gate Middle School
Naples, Florida

William Harrison Ryan III
High Point High School
Beltsville, Maryland

Margie Young Thompson
Montlieu Elementary School
High Point, North Carolina


Patricia Betty Brandenberg
Greenfield Park Elementary School
Detroit, Michigan

Jean Miles Burwell(deceased)
Pulaski School No. 8
Passaic, New Jersey

Felicia D. Gil
Charles R. Hadley Elementary School
Miami, Florida

Elizabeth R. Goldiner
Cainhoy Elementary School
Huger, South Carolina

Susan D. Greenberg
Clinton Grove Elementary School
Clinton, Maryland

Gilbert Gutierrez
Emerson/Bandini Elementary School for Marine Science
San Diego, California

Deborah E. Jones
Hampton Year-Round Elementary School
Greensboro, North Carolina

Deborah I. Knight
Public School 44 - Marcus Garvey School
Brooklyn, New York

Carolyn L. McCalla
Banyan Elementary School
Miami, Florida

Verlene H. Tatum
North Forestville Elementary School
Forestville, Maryland


Debra Garner Barham
Western Guilford High School
Greensboro, North Carolina

Marilee Bylsma
Samuel Gompers Elementary School
Detroit, Michigan

Katherine Reilly Corbett
Ronald Edmonds Learning Center/Junior High School 113
Brooklyn, New York

Joan Dameron Crisler
Arthur Dixon Elementary School
Chicago, Illinois

Robert R. Golden
Mount Auburn Elementary School
Cleveland, Ohio

Fred Hernandez
The Foxfire School
Yonkers, New York

Regina M. Lilly-Warner
Cooperative Arts & Humanities Magnet High School
New Haven, Connecticut

Mary E. Manti
P.S. 15 - The Patrick Daly School
Brooklyn, New York

Donna Cox Morrison
McLeansville Middle School
McLeansville, North Carolina

Lola W. Nathan
Davis Street Magnet School
New Haven, Connecticut

Ann Van Sickle
Euclid Elementary School
San Diego, California

Charles J. Williams
Career High School
New Haven, Connecticut

Lloyd G. Wimberley, Jr.
Myers Park High School
Charlotte, North Carolina


Martha Wollin Carpenter
West Mecklenburg High School
Charlotte, North Carolina

Doris Thomas Davis
Washington Elementary School
Greensboro, North Carolina

Lynn Sigmon Foes
Howe Hall Primary School
Goose Creek, South Carolina

Jeffery F. German
Welborn Middle School
High Point, North Carolina

Gloria Hagopian (deceased)
Norman S. Weir Elementary School
Paterson, New Jersey

Doris Roché-Hicks
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School for Science and Technology
New Orleans, Louisiana


Rodger J. Cunningham
Jackson Academic Enrichment Academy
San Diego, California

Yvette Douglass
Bedford Village School - P.S. 3K
Brooklyn, New York

Gandy A. Heaston
John C. Haines School
Chicago, Illinois

Edward O. Jefferson
Thurgood Marshall Elementary School
Seattle, Washington

Sharon Quarles
Barnaby Manor Elementary School
Oxon Hill, Maryland

Nancy R. Shannon
Merritt Elementary School
Washington, D.C.


Herman D. Clark, Jr.
Bowling Park Elementary School
Norfolk, Virginia

John F. Cooke
E. Morris Cox Elementary School
Oakland, California

Alan L. Harris
J.L. Long Middle School
Dallas, Texas

Grace D. Nebb
Fienberg/Fisher Elementary School
Miami Beach, Florida

Princess Dupont Whitfield
Hine Junior High School
Washington, D.C.


Richard Cansdale
Marshall Elementary School
San Diego, California

Brian Fitz-Harris
Emma Booker Elementary School
Sarasota, Florida

Marlene Guy
Richardson Elementary School
Washington, D.C.

Edna Negrón
Dr. Samuel Betances School
Hartford, Connecticut

Dennis Williams
West Mecklenburg High School
Charlotte, North Carolina


Patrick Francis Daly (posthumously)
P.S. 15 - The Patrick Daly School
Brooklyn, New York