Mechanisms of Social Engagement in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism Center of Excellence

Primary Investigator: Fred Volkmar, M.D.
Investigators: Kasia Chawarska, Ph.D., Rhea Paul, Ph.D., Ami Klin, Ph.D., Warren Jones, Ph.D., Kevin Pelphrey, Ph.D., Matthew State, M.D., Ph.D., Elena Grigorenko, Ph.D. and Joseph Chang, Ph.D.


This study will examine the early development of basic social skills in young children. We will observe how children with various developmental delays and typical development look at people and perceive speech. This research will lead to the development of new methods to diagnose developmental delays in toddlers, including autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It will also help us identify key areas for early intervention.

Criteria for participation

  • 10- to 24- month-old children with developmental delays, including ASD, or
  • 10- to 24- month-old typically developing children

What is the purpose of this study?


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