Young Adults

Initiative Wins Community Service Grant from Autism Speaks!

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We have received word that we will be awarded funds to support a series of six-week programs for young women who are seeking employment. This hands-on workshop will help young women create a resume and develop networking and job-seeking skills. We are lucky enough to be working with Dr. Jane Thierfeld Brown, a professional with many years of experience working with individuals with ASDs who are college bound or seeking competitive employment. We'll be posting more information and reviewing applicants for the program beginning in January of 2015. Feel free to email with questions, and we'll update this post as soon as we can!

Minutes from Leadership Working Group Meeting

  1. Introductions
  2. Discussion about what are the top concerns of group members: money, finding a job, making friends and connecting with intimate partners, navigating LGBT issues
  3. How do we learn how to be ourselves in group interactions
    1. Worries about how much to reveal and how much to keep back
    2. How to make initiations to others
  4. How do we deal with “gaslighting” – in our community and particulary on the web.
  5. Are there ways we can learn to develop anger management strategies?
  6. How can we develop a web site that will serve us, helping with communication between Group Members and a posting site for information.